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Andreas Bakir

Web Developer

I am Web Developer at Marotura. This implies that I build websites in various content management systems (CMS). Currently I study Computer Science and am 2nd year. I chose this study because as a child I was fascinated by computers. There have been two great revolutions: the first was the steam engine, the second electricity. I am convinced that the third revolution will be called computers! Of course accompanied by smartphones, smart watches and everything that comes with it. I would like to play a role in this new era. Previously I was salesman of computers and a certified Apple specialist.

In my spare time I’m doing a lot of things. I keep myself occupied with domestic and foreign policy. I often study things that I still have little knowledge of, so I might learn new things. I am chairman of the youth committee of ESU (ESU-YOUTH). This committee helps people from the Middle East. Besides all this, I love to meet with friends and play card games and board games together. I also work on my fitness, and in the summer I play a lot of football.

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