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Asia offers good potential for entrepreneurs. Do you already launch your business or products on the Asian market? Accomplishing effective online business requires background information and knowledge of the Asian market. We are happy to help you to develop a solid online strategy for growth market Asia.

Asia offers a lot of potential for online business. It’s an important growth market, also for Dutch entrepeneurs. Accomplishing effective online business requires another approach than the Dutch market. . Do you know which Social Media is popular in the Asia? And how the Asian population searches on the Internet for a specific product or service? A whopping 17.8% of the Asian population uses a mobile devices to surf the Internet; in increase of almost 200% compared to 2010. In comparison: only 5,1% of the Europeans uses a mobile device. A website in Asia needs to be optimized for the use on mobile devices. We are happy to help you to develop a solid online strategy for the growth market Asia. You can think of: analyzing search behaviour on the Asian market, conversion optimization for your website and optimally establishing and employing different online channels.

We at Marotura have knowledge of the Asian market and their target groups. We combine this knowledge with our knowledge of Internet strategy, SEO, AdWords, content production and Social Media to accomplish maximum results for our clients on the Asian market.

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