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  • Don’t lose touch with your target group. We reach your target group by proven communication science tactics.
  • Don’t lose sight of your target group. We affect and activate your target group with proven consumer psychology tactics.
  • Don’t miss out on any chance. We increase the perceived customer value of your target group in these turbulent times by founded research. 

Every strategic question begins with the ‘human touch’. In the market approach the emphasis is too much on fixed patterns and stereotypes. A lot of organizations around us try to optimize the communication with their target group based on feeling and experience. Their most used persuasion principle, giving arguments, is in practice not the most profitable.

In our sector we are known for our personal approach: we approach market areas from a human point of view. The human, and especially her behaviour, tracking, analyzing and especially influencing the human behaviour by means of founded research, takes central stage. Thereby we recognize the differences in target group as regards to their needs & resistors, the differences in the way they handle information and its underlying values. Values are stable views which form important determinants of motivations, attitudes, life goals and behaviour. They come from strong personal experiences and ideals and can be ranked according to relevance.

We make the perceptions and core values of the target group of our clients visible based on our MILLSOM core values approach. This model groups people according to their specific needs, motives, perceptions and their personal values. Then we segment the target group in nine consistent groups. Each user profile consists of individuals with corresponding core values, motives, needs and perceptions with regards to their core business. These user profiles are linked to roles within the animal kingdom.

Finally, the nine user profiles are arranged in three categories: promising, convincing or skeptical audiences. Every type of target group demands another communication approach. An approach with attention for the prevailing perceptions, resistors, emotional & rational motives and the exact core values underlying that certain target group.

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