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Concept development

  • No need for ideas, but a need for concrete prototypes? We work according our proven MILLSOM approach.
  • Don’t lose sight of your target group. We come up with innovative concepts targeted at a rapid interaction with your target group.
  • Enough of those long reports without concrete implementations? We translate strategic concepts into practical solutions.

Having an idea is the first step, the actual implementation into an innovative concept is the second step. Reason for us to work toward a testable application, quick and to the point and without much bla bla. Always thinking from your target group’s point of view and our structural innovation sessions, we manage to connect the strategy and the practical implementation and make it concrete.

Our elaborated concept includes an impression in both images and in word, acuminated in design and functional aspects. In consultation with you, the elaborated concepts are shaped into a concept formula and into a program of wishes and requirements. Both parts will serve as a guide for the interface and the interaction design in order to achieve maximum online ROI.

Style characteristics such as layout, illustrations and text, but also the underlying interaction structures are of critical importance. To better connect the concept on the online behavior of your target group, we analyze the concept on eight dimensions of quality, such as: visual attractiveness, reliability, usability, quality of search, quality of the provided information, the relevance of provided information, consistence with analysis in the context of SEO and the loading speed.

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