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Google Adwords

  • Don’t miss the overview and the ROI of your AdWords campaign. We help you with setting up an effective AdWords campaign with measureable results and reports.
  • Don’t pay too much per click for Google AdWords. Our bidding strategies decrease the costs per click.
  • Don’t miss out on a chance. We increase the conversion of your landing pages.

Google receives more than 200 million searches each day, and this number is rising constantly. The possibilities of advertising within Google are enormous. Google AdWords is the most popular way of advertising on the Internet. A lot of businesses and organizations use AdWords, but after a while they are disappointed and dissatisfied about the ROI. Processing a few keywords into an AdWords advertisement is something everybody can do. But what’s next?

We as Google Partner, Google AdWords Certified Partner and Google Analytics Certified partner are happy to help by developing a strategic AdWords campaign. An effective AdWords campaign is a powerful instrument to increase your ROI. Day in, day out, we are working on the most optimal development of AdWords-campaigns, analyze them and adjust them. We possess the essential knowledge to increase the ROI of your AdWords campaign structurally under the leadership of certified Google AdWords Search Marketeer.

Developing, monitoring and targeting relevant target groups of an AdWords campaign happens gradually and according to plan. Together with you we look into the results and quality. Measuring the campaign, analyzing and optimizing by means of Google Analytics and AdWords reports are aimed at the realization of better ranking at a lower cost. By using site links, extensions, conversion optimizers, regional targeting, experimental features and optimizing the quality score we point to the highest possible ROI. Other important aspects like Google mobile campaigns, bidding strategies and text optimalization are in safe hands with us as well. Our copy writers work closely with our Search Marketeers. With us, the focus is on realizing the maximum result!


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