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Internet Strategy

  • Looking for an online Internet strategy that leads to more business? We work according to our Millsom Approach.
  • Do you want to successfully target new (international) markets? Through different methods of analysis we achieve a wide reach, engagement and conversion.
  • Can’t see the wood for trees in all the possibilities the Internet has to offer? We clearly present you with all the online opportunities the Internet has to offer for your business.

You won’t receive long reports about your various target audiences and long and short term company goals, the strategic value of websites and/or the unknown possibilities the Internet has to offer. What you can expect is that we help you to successful use the Internet by optimizing your customer value  with all the possible online contact possibilities. With the help of different tools, methods of analysis and theories, we show you the online possibilities and translate them into practical innovative digital strategies and understandable solutions for your business. We answer your questions about which Internet applications are most suitable for specific commercial purposes and how these purposes relate to different cognitive, affective and behavioral responses of your target audience.

Together with you we sharpen these concepts into specific and effective practical solutions in the form of online strategy tailored to your online business. The online strategy answers real questions like: what should our (renewed) business model be? Which impact do digital channels – Internet, apps, tablets, smart phones, Social Media – have on your core business and dealing with possible resistance within your own organization as regards to the transformation to the digital environment.


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