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  • No clear view of mobile applications? We help you with creating a mobile strategy to respond optimally to emerging mobile technologies.
  • Should you develop an app for your business or is a responsive web design enough for you? We help you decide on a solution based on our analysis tools.
  • Don’t miss an opportunity. We respond to changes in usability by applying the right focus.

Many companies and organizations discovered the possibilities of selling products and services through mobiles devices. The commercial success of these apps are in reality often a disappointment. Reason for us to try a different approach. We start with your business case. By using techniques and sharp analyses we hunt down the limitations, benefits and other elements that influence the commercial success of an app or mobile website.

After we made a deliberate choice, in consultation with you, between an app or mobile website, we make a program of wishes and requirements based on your business case. Structure and functionality are integrated with the wide range of possibilities in your ‘customer journey’. The developments in mobile search, augmented reality and best practices are monitored closely, and implemented when needed.

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