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Reach, influence and activate immigrant populations

The immigrant populations in the Netherlands are growing steadily, and etnomarketing becomes more and more important. Nevertheless, a lot of information doesn’t always reach, or does not sufficiently reach the immigrant populations.  There is a big difference between communication with or about immigrant citizens. Looking into the needs and desires of this target group, a more effective communication will be established.  With the help of different communication tactics, we develop effective messages with accurate information for this group. These messages will be understandable and accepted for these groups, and fit within their (usual) lifestyle.

Dutch immigrants represent a purchasing power of approximately 17 billion euro. Observant entrepreneurs look for these ethnic minority customers and anticipate onto their specific needs and wishes. Whether it is about dropping out of school, participation, health care, living or unemployment, this group needs a special approach. Many studies show that the wishes and purchase decisions of immigrants differ from those of native Dutch people. We help organizations with reaching and persuading these immigrant groups by the deployment of smart communication techniques and marketing strategies.

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