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Health care

Strong online profiling

The three transitions cause a lot of changes within health care. Health care needs to be reorganized dramatically in the coming period. The share of informal health care within health care facilities needs to increase; in order to accomplish that health care institutions need to commit volunteers and informal carers to their institution. Besides that, market force gets a bigger share in health care, and health care institutions need to show their distinctive quality compared to the competition. Strong online profiling, specialization and transparency become more important. A good online quality and the execution of this strategy will help your organization to be prepared for the future. For enhancing the share of informal care within your health care institution we have developed an innovative concept, which is aimed to the interaction with your target group.

We turn this innovative concept into a testable functionality. We start with an examination of your target group. The outcomes of this research, combined with your wishes will serve as a guideline for the design and setting of the functionality. Together we look into the possibilities to reach and commit volunteers and informal care givers to their institution. We can also take care of a clear vision and strategy for your online activities, for example a combination of search engine optimization and the use of Social Media. We provide a good presence of your company all over the Internet. Think of being present on online platforms and communities, or the development of apps for special occasions.

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