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Transition Social Domain

Facilitating and retaining existing informal care takers and volentueers and adequate finding, informing, activating en connect new informal care takers and volentueers,

Municipalities are forced, with the three transitions in the social domain, to organize the support of vulnerable residents in a different way. For municipalities we developed an innovative concept in order to accomplish this. We help municipalities to get an insight in the needs and wishes of their residents, and know how to influence the target group by communication. We stimulate the target group to raise the level of participation and self-reliance. We also help municipalities with the redesign of their business processes. Thinking from the residents’ perspective, combined with the objectives of the municipality, we will take care of the concrete implementation of the design.

We turn this innovative concept into a testable functionality. We start with an examination of your target group. The outcomes of this research, combined with your wishes will serve as a guidance for the design and set up of the functionality. Elements such as search behavior of the target group, usability and visual appeal will be taken into account. We will monitor closely if the desired objects have been achieved, and when necessary, we will adjust our strategy.

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